About Us

NEXLEV is a brainchild of Cambium Retail:

Cambium Retail is one of the largest #PremiumSellers on @Amazonin & @Flipkart. Currently, Cambium manages the sales presence for over 40 brands in #India & #America

Rise of the Next Level – NexLev:

While communicating with our customers, we got a very valuable insight, which was:
  • Musical Instruments buyers treat their products with love and utmost care.
  • Musical Instruments are not products that people own,
  • A musical instrument has a very deep sentimental value associated with it –
    • It’s a friend, a companion, with it a person feels complete.
  • Both Cambium and its customers have felt the pain of a musical instrument arriving broken at customer’s doorsteps, because of mishandling in transport.
  • Hence, our decision –
    • We would like to connect with you personally, understand your likes and dislikes
    • We shall take our service to customers, the handling of Musical Instruments to the Next Level and thus the name “NEXLEV”
    • We will keep improving our service, till it’s the best in its class
We believe in associating with our customers, getting updates, feedbacks and keeping in touch… Feel free to drop in any feedback, query or anything else you wish us to know to at info.nexlev@gmail.com